Tuesday, February 15

Another Journal Page Done

That's very exciting cause somehow I got a little behind and have 3 pages to get finished before the new techniques are announced. Actually the Free Motion page isn't due now but I count it as needing to jump on. Also really need to practice more.
Our technique outline was to use different resists but I didn't have some of the other supplies and was also thinking - get on it! So I went with just bleaching fabric. I always do more than I need and the left overs for my pages are really giving me good stuff for ATC and Post Card creations. My little basket is overflowing with future fun stuff. 

OK 2 posts in one day? Well, I'm distracted today. My sweet little baby boy
is sick and at the vets. I can pick him up around dinner time and
he can come home for the night, which will make us all happy. 
I'll have to take him back thou, first thing in the morning to 
get checked on. Sick babies sure can make you worry. 
His little friend is missing him too and she keeps going
out into the yard looking for him - it's so sad.

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