Monday, February 28

Techniques Journal Update

Here is the latest on my Techniques 4 Textiles Journal.

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Yesterday I finished a little table topper.

This has a thin binding of the same fabric as in the center.
Today I'm working on The Hypothetical Whatcha-ma-call-it Swap. 
This is an interesting swap where each member of the swap sent
a collection of embellishments or fabric to the hostess and she
repackaged them all up and sent each of us a wonderful 
assortment and we're to make 2 post cards and one ATC. 
I got so much stuff I've made 2 ATCs today 
and got my post cards started. 

Friday, February 25

Flashback Friday

When I lived in Jacksonville Florida I was so bored and not knowing a soul I decided to sign up for some classes to learn basket weaving - oh dear I loved it. I met so many nice folks. This was in the 80's. I mentioned that I wanted to try making a mask and this was two that I did. 

Working on a table topper today and ran out of the thread while doing the free motion - oops poor planing. I was still in the mood to quilt thou.  My memory got jogged yesterday while at Stefanie's when she mentioned she needed to quilt the little pig panel we'd each bought for our laundry rooms. 

Thinking about my border now.

Wednesday, February 23

Sneak Peak and Mug Rug

I finished the quilting on my D9P and started the binding. I'm doing the hand work now and should have the binding finished tonight. Today thou it's off to the bead shops with a new convert to beading/wire. Sharing the wonders of these shops is always fun when someone has never been in one before. Yesterday I did some sewing with friends and along with getting the binding on the 9P I got my little fish mug rug done. 

Sunday, February 20

Zen Stitching

I wanted to try doing a zen doodle with thread. I knew I'd have to make it pretty simple.
So here is my first try. I did add a little shading with a fabric felt tip. 
This was a good warm up for some free motion I have planned
for tomorrow. I've not done much since before Christmas. 
I think I'll turn this into a mug rug. I may add color too.

With class on Sat, followed with lunch and shopping with a fellow jewelry designer,
being lazy and napping today - well not much got done this weekend. 
But that's OK there is always tomorrow. 

Friday, February 18

Flashback Friday

When I was looking threw scrapbooks at the winter retreat I got to thinking it might be fun to dig out some of these old photos and show you the path my fiber art has traveled. I did start off with basketry then weaving. Then moved into some mixed media and finally sewing. The baskets were a big part of my life for many years. But prior to any of that there was just string - also know as macrame - whoa remember that? OK I'm really showing my age now. But it was a cheep way to express myself and it was after all the 70's. 

So here's a little look into my way back machine. 
The one on the left is 3" long. 

Thursday, February 17

Books, Quilting & Doodling

Today I had some good mail. An on-line buddy, Diana B. sent me this wonderful 
book on Chinese Brush Paining. I can't wait to try some of the designs in it. 
You know how I love all things Oriental and it even has some of the sayings and
words written in Chinese for me to learn. That was most exciting. 
Thanks for thinking of me Diana.

Here is a sneak peek of the D9P I'm working on. Got it all pined last night
and should be ready to start quilting tomorrow. I want to try some new
free motion patterns and this will be my testing ground. 

Another silly zen doodle. A member on QWU, Robbin named him Klunker
which I thought was just perfect. He needs friends and I drew a few 
outlines last night and will start the inking tonight. I doodle while watching tv.
Good movie, dog in my lap, sketch pad and candy near by 
 that's the good life. 

Tuesday, February 15

Another Journal Page Done

That's very exciting cause somehow I got a little behind and have 3 pages to get finished before the new techniques are announced. Actually the Free Motion page isn't due now but I count it as needing to jump on. Also really need to practice more.
Our technique outline was to use different resists but I didn't have some of the other supplies and was also thinking - get on it! So I went with just bleaching fabric. I always do more than I need and the left overs for my pages are really giving me good stuff for ATC and Post Card creations. My little basket is overflowing with future fun stuff. 

OK 2 posts in one day? Well, I'm distracted today. My sweet little baby boy
is sick and at the vets. I can pick him up around dinner time and
he can come home for the night, which will make us all happy. 
I'll have to take him back thou, first thing in the morning to 
get checked on. Sick babies sure can make you worry. 
His little friend is missing him too and she keeps going
out into the yard looking for him - it's so sad.

Rebel with Color

Well Zen Doodles/Tangles are mostly black and white
but this one screamed for some color.
This is my first one that is large - 12" tall. 

The next step is to do one of these in
free-motion. Drawing one is so much 
easier, but I'm ready to try this in stitches.

Monday, February 14

New Supplies and New Classes

Saturday when I was getting out to do a little shopping I saw this and it
let me know spring is coming. This little buttercup is desperate to 
get out of the snow. 

I've been playing around with making rings and
this is the most recent one. Very free form design. 
I've added these rings to my jewelry classes and the 
first one is Feb 19. See the classes tab. 

 Another new class is the watercolor pencils and we'll be doing this still life. This would be great for a kitchen and you can personalize it with the name of the dinner on the menu. I've put a last name on this one for a friend of mine. 

And the last thing I did on the way home on Saturday was stop by the bead store and pick up a few treasures. I'd pretty much run threw most of my larger wire so I stocked up. Also went by the tool store and got a few things from there. Been wanting this little torch for a good while and finally got it. 

Started working on my hand drawing done in zen-tangle style. 
It's my largest one yet, and this is what I got done yesterday. 
It has about 4 hours in it so far. Can't wait to start the shading. 
Tomorrow it's back to sewing, but for today I have to 
get house work done. Back from 3+ hours of errands - 
glad that's only once a week. 

Friday, February 11

Bang Bang

Yesterday I played with wire and my jewelry stuff.
I was experimenting with rings. I love wearing rings and
had some heavy copper wire and wanted to try out
some new designs. The 2nd ring is from a new book I'd
picked up and that zig zag ring holds a lot of possibilities. 
I really like making the free form rings too.

Celtic Knot earrings - going to make the 
matching necklace today. 

 Yesterdays zen drawings. I just love drawing the fish. 
This was my first round zen. It was a lot of fun.
I am very inspired by the drawing done by Quilt Rat
Her designs are wonderful and a great inspiration. 

Thursday, February 10

Play Day

Well it snowed...again. At least today I didn't have any plans and I don't feel trapped. I'm pretty content to stay home most days anyway. The plus today is hubby is snowed in too. So after what we call "Saturday Breakfast" we are both in the "play room" getting down to some serious playing. I'm going to let this be a jewelry morning and followed by fabric this afternoon. I finished another page for my techniques journal, the fancy foot work page. This was a real stretch for me cause I normally use 3 feet on my machine. I'd never made a ruffle in my life (just not a ruffle girl). Edna taught me tons about feet (she must have 100's) and my swatch for the journal page ended up too big so I had to trim it down to fit. 
I used many feet I'd never even heard of on this page.
It was a great learning experience.

I've opted to do my journaling digitally, it was only natural.

One of our next techniques for our journals was
"Resist This" and my first thing to try was just
a simple test with bleach on black fabric. I used different 
things I had in the kitchen and one rubber stamp to play around with this. 

Hubby got a cheep free humidor with a cigar order and
he didn't want it so I've turned it into a classy home
for my zen doodles supplies. It works perfect.
Edna got a new zen tangles book and it might just
be the best one we've gotten so far. I think we have
about 5 between us. 

Well now off to try out some new jewelry designs.

Monday, February 7

Changing Media - A Creative Reboot

I work in several different mediums and often find when I reach a mind block with my fiber art I just need to float into a different media to reboot my creativity. This weekend was no exception. I spent 3 days at a scrap-booking retreat and played with papers/stamps/embossing/inks/markers well the list goes on. It was a great time of getting together with old friends. We normally get a room at the inn but this year we rented a cabin and it was just great. My little sister comes to this too and it is so nice to spend that time with her. This crop is in one of TN wonderful state parks. There was a threat of snow and ice but we were lucky and their was no bad weather. It was cold, but no frozen rain/snow. 
 This is our "play" area in the lodge. 
There were over 50 ladies there.

Our cabin.

A few supplies for today's project. 
2 fabrics and paper.
And I don't know what else 
will end up in this piece

Off to play.

Thursday, February 3

more snow!

I'm so over the snow. We are expecting more ice/snow mix in the morning. All my bags are packed for the scrap booking retreat and hopefully the weather will be good to me and tomorrow morning I'll be off for a fun weekend. 
I started a post card today using some of the fabric paper I experimented on and even thou it's not finished I though I'd share. The little wire "branches" will be added when I get them completed - they take a while to put together. 

Also finally figured out how I would do the journaling in my Techniques 4 Textiles journal and did the pin weaving page to try it out. I went digital.

Wednesday, February 2

Planning for The Weekend

Yesterday was my day to go sew with the girls at JoAnn. As always we had a fun day. The first day of each month we have covered dish and yesterday we had 2 wonderful soups, corn bread, salad and home baked wheat bread. I took brownies for a little something sweet. 

This is my D9P I'm working on and it's ready to start assembling the front. 
The fabric is by Moda, but I forget the name. The tan dot fabric is my 
stashing and back. This will be a lap quilt for a good friend. I love the fabric with
the writing on it. 

I was walking by Kay's work area and saw this koi fabric and
just knew I had to have it. I was told it was a JoAnn fabric so
I went right out and got it. Since this is way far from 
my normal color comfort zone I had to get a little help 
with the other 2 fabrics. The orange was hard for me
to select, but with some help from a quilting buddy I got just the right color. 

This morning I packed up my supplies for this weekend's Crop Till You Drop. 
Three days of scrap booking fun. It's about 50 ladies with a passion. 
I normally take way too much stuff and this year I've planned well
and have my supplies down to a reasonable amount. It always amazes 
me how much stuff some people take with them. 
It will be a fun weekend. My quilting friend Stefanie is the
promoter of this even. I call her the scrapbook queen. 

She has a wonderful on line shop. Her customized
items are great and she has something for 
every desire. With Valentine's coming up you should 
drop by and get something oh so special for your
special someone.