Wednesday, January 5

Yucky weather = Sewing Day!

Yesterday I went out and ran some errands - getting the car tested for my new tags always a favorite (yea right) and other boring stuff. Then I just happened to end up at JoAnns...yea! Here I try to go on Tuesdays to sew with a very nice group of ladies. I had a UFO I'd been fretting over for several months and got some input from the group and should be able to finish it up today - finally. 
The ladies are going to track the quilts and other fiber projects they complete in 2011 so I thought I use the excuse to make a small journal to keep my finished projects in. My very first ATC was my choice for the cover embellishment. I'll be making my interior pages very soon. 
I did find out from one of the students that the bead with the charter has been sewed on upside down! I'll fix that today. She told me the bead said LOVE, and also told me the languages that are on the paper I used for my book covers. Very interesting stuff for sure. 

Inside of book waiting for pages

Outside of book with my fist ATC as an embellishment.

While I was up stretching my legs yesterday from sewing I stumbled upon a section in JoAnn that I'd not seen with thin 40 gauge metal sheets and strips. They had many color finishes and I just couldn't keep from picking up one of them to experiment on. 
It is thin enough to sew threw and I'm going to try heating it to alter the color. 

We're expecting possible snow and sleet later today
so it's a good day for keeping warm and getting some sewing done. 


Barb said...

Sounds like you had a fun day in spite of what you had to do errands..

BJ said...

How will you attach the pages inside? The inside of the cover is wonderful too! OH.... and thanks for the pic of the metal border. That looks like lots of fun. Maybe some embossing?