Monday, January 10

What's Up In My Studio

We got 3 inches of snow last night and that is just enough to bring this southern town to a stand still. With the little hill in our driveway I'm pretty much stuck (yea like I care) Just an excuse to play. So the snow men will have a BBQ on the deck and I'll just watch from the warmth of my sewing room.

One of my quilting buddies, Edna got me started on Zen Tangles. I have to admit at first I didn't know if this was going to be for me or not - well I'm hooked. These are my little practice pieces I've done so far. Sure nothing to write home about but I'm learning. I work on them each morning when I'm having my coffee. Very addictive. I have ordered 2 books which will help a lot. For now I'm just winging it.

Got this video in the mail a few days ago and plan on watching it today. 
I love the workshop DVDs from Quilting Arts.

And here is the update on what I've gotten done
on my Techniques 4 Textiles journal. 

Made my journal from hand made paper over book board.

I'm making little "bits" to decorate the front. There will be 11 in all.
This is what I have done so far. Each one will be a different technique. 

This is the inside. Used a different hand made paper. 

The binding is post bound so I can make it as thick as I need to. For now I have shorter posts. I'm sure I'll need to add the longer ones pretty soon. Have those on hand already.

Our first 2 techniques have been posted over at Quilt With Us and they are 
Pin Weaving and Fancy Footwork


Barb said...

Looks like you have alot of fun things going on over there...enjoy your snow in...

BJ said...

Love the metal/wire "pin weaving" you did. You are so CREATIVE! I just look for pieces of you that rub off my way! LOL Your journal is going to be totally awesome!
Started my pin weaving technique this morning. Have lots left to do on it, but so far I am liking it! NEED to get more "stuff" for it and the other projects, I can see that already.

Cynthia Eloise said...

for winging it, your zen tangles look pretty good.

Judy Alexander said...

Interesting to see thst you hsve hsad good luck with the QA workshop DVDs. I have the one that you are showing and like it but had a couple of real clunkers when the yfirst came out.