Wednesday, January 12

Tap Dancing With New Shoes

Well one of our challenges for the Techniques 4 Textiles journal is to learn all about the feet that came with your sewing machine. I just ignore the bulk of mine and get by fine with my "A" foot, 1/4" and open toe darner. I don't think the newer machines come with as many feet as they used to, or at least mine didn't. So yesterday I played with some feet that belonged to Edna and she taught me how to use 3 new ones I've never used before. She has so many it was mind boggling. She brought these wonderful little boxes that hold some of her antique feet and they were so pretty I wanted to share them. The boxes are over 100 years old. 

And this morning with my coffee came this little zen doodle fish.


Barb said...

What an assortment of feet...glad you are getting to know them.

Vicki said...

A puzzle box! That's what we call those wonderful accessory boxes that came with Singer sewing machines in the 1890s. You can do some wonderful things with those attachments, but I don't use mine often enough either. Here's a post I did a while back on vintage attachments and how you can use them.