Friday, January 28

Playing With Wire

I have 2 wire jewelry classes this weekend so I'm making a few samples and putting together the class kits. So wire/beads and all my tools are what I'm into today. 

I had to cancel my wire workshop on the 22nd due to snow and we're having makeup class this Sunday afternoon. So I thought I'd change up the class a bit and have added 2 new items, a free form copper necklace accent and a coiled and wrapped bead. Each use several different techniques. I've also got a free form funky pin started and hope to wear it on Sunday. Hubby had to grind down the pin part of the wire till I get my grinder lesson - which will be soon. He's so good to teach me all this cool stuff about working with metal. I aim to be fearless with the power tools very soon. Torches and grinders and presses oh my!

One side effect of teaching class is I never finish a project in class, I'm just showing the student how each technique is done. All these little bits get tossed into the King Leo can and later become parts of my fiber art. It's my version of the butterfly effect.


Gene Black said...

I would love to be in that class

BJ said...

Trying to figure out how to kidnap you out this way so I can learn from you. I hope those you teach realize how fortunate they are - you are amazing.

QuiltDragon said...

I know what you mean about having bits and pieces left from classes and not finishing anything! But it's great you have all the bits left to use later!

Add my name to your list of wishing to be in your class