Saturday, January 1

A New Technique

As I mentioned the other day I wanted to try pin weaving and did a small one which will become a post card. So this did get me interested so I did another one. This is how it is progressing. 

I made a grid on paper to keep my warp straight.
The ruler was used as a beater. I made tiny shuttles from cardboard. 
This project needed several cups of coffee.

Started the weaving with knitting ribbon, eyelash yarn 
and some strips of cotton. Of course some copper
wire ended up in there too. 

Then I rubber stamped the muslin and did free motion. 
Then added the weaving with some decorative stitches. 

The muslin was sectioned off into parts and different patterns 
of free motion were done on each part.
Now I just need some beading on the woven part, 
and finish up the edges. Not sure yet how I'll do 
the binding on this. 


Karla Hartzog said...

Wow! This is your first one? Very impressive!

Diane said...

Clearly you have a lot of patience! But the result is very cool!

Micki said...

This is really interesting. Looks really cool.