Monday, January 31

Messy Techniques & Good Mail

Ok, I'll admit the bigger mess I make the more fun I have. So this technique was right up my alley. This is for the Techniques 4 Textiles Journal we're working on over at Quilt With Us. This is really pushing me into great new directions. I've been wanting to get into this one for days but just had other fun stuff in the way. So after getting back from errands today I grabbed my little box of supplies I'd set aside for this and played with some fabric/paper/fabric paint/and some gauze.

First I cleared off the counter and rather than covering the surface I just used my largest baking sheet. Thought I might need to keep the paper towels close at hand. 

I sprinkled the muslin with water, just using my hands. 
Then I dribbled 2 colors of fabric paint on the damp fabric.
Brushed it all over with watered down glue. 

Using plain white wrapping tissue I dripped fabric paint
on a mushed up ball and carefully opened back out.

I placed this on the muslin and painted with 
more watered down glue. You have to be careful
or your paper will tear. Then I added the gauze in
small sections with more watered down glue. 

Next I added watered down gold fabric paint to the glue 
and painted the whole surface. 
Then I used more tissue paper, this one had
silver glitter in it and I put that in small sections 
to cover parts of the fabric.  

You might notice that these are not my normal colors. 
I did get a little out of my box, but just as I was about
to walk away from this I did take my buddy "walnut spray" 
and spritzed one corner. (lower left) Just couldn't help it.

Good Mail
While out running the errands today I stopped by the post office and had a wonderful surprise. I got my fall block from my swap partner Linda G. The theme of this swap was "Fall Colors" and the one thing that was a little different was you had to use one non-traditional quilting fabric/fiber or something not in a normal quilt. I will be making this block into a fall wall hanging. I have a little lap quilt to finish up and then I'm right on this. No ideas yet, but it's wanting me to work on it I can tell.

Linda also sent me some wonderful goodies. I really love feathers 
and she sent me a bag full of beautiful pheasant feathers. 
She also sent along a very sweet pillowcase. I just love
hand made pillowcases but I don't make them for 
some reason. My mom used to make them for us and for that reason
this made me think of her and I just almost teared up. It was the 
good kind of tears thou, that are prompted by a beautiful memory. 

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Cottonwood Quilter said...

Royce so glad you like your hostess gifts. I forgot to add a label to my bag, so will get on off to you yet this week.