Wednesday, January 19

A Little Old, A Little New

Yesterday I was working on the page for my journal that uses different feet on your machine. As an added bonus Edna brought one of her old machines that has a hand crank. It was so much fun to sew on this. The stitches were very pretty and after I got the hang of it, it's very easy. I made the front of an ATC. I did keep looking for the foot pedal thou. 

I got all the loose ends done on my block for the Quilt With Us swap - Fall Colors. 
One of the extras tossed in for this block was to use one non traditional quilt material. 
I used 3 - felted wool, metal and a polyester. The background is made from the edges of
fabric with a layer of burned synthetic. Then some free motion and finally the leaves. 

My zen tangle for today is a bit different. When I first started looking on line for how to's I saw a lot of people were drawing on shoes/visors and t-shirts. That combined with my new DVD on fabric painting was the reason behind my little fish t-shirt. Things were going along pretty good till I forgot one of fabric paintings main rules - too much water is never good. 
When that paint ran on the top of my heart it was a sad, but a learning moment. This is on the sleeve. The front has my little fish. Hopefully I'll get this finished soon. Now waiting for each color to dry before moving on. Lesson learned.

The original tangle that started all this fish stuff is now a necklace.


BJ said...

Your fall block is fabulous! Of course. LOL Linda is going to absolutely LOVE it.

Gene Black said...

A machine that is totally hand cranked? I don't think I would get much sewing done with that. A treadle I could manage maybe, but not a hand crank.

Loving the tangles!

Cynthia Eloise said...

darling little zen tangle with the fish. to bad your heart smudged but why don't you smudge the rest of it then no one will know it wasn't planned that way.