Tuesday, January 11

The first journal pages

Yesterday I worked on my techniques journal and got a 
good bit of the intro and 1st page done. 

There is still some embellishment to be done to the
intro page but this page is almost completed. 

The pin weaving page just needs the title and journaling.

I've decided how I'm going to do the titles, but just need a new tool. 
Oh joy getting new stuff. 

Finally got out of the house today after days of being snowed in.
Had to be rescued and was glad to get out and play. 
Went to JoAnn and did some sewing. Working on the 2nd part of
the Techniques challenge - exploring sewing machine feet. 
I learned how to use a ruffler, pin tuck and a fringe foot. 
It's great to have friends with lots of knowledge, feet 
(sewing machine that is) and patience.

And my recent tangles

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