Wednesday, January 26

Finishing Up a Nagging Project

I've had this journal cover lying around in my sewing room for weeks it seems and every time I set it out and arrange things for the cover - I just can't make it work out. Today it came to me - less is more. So I tossed over half the elements into a King Leo can I put unused bits into and then it all came together. Considering the underlaying theme of my fiber journal this cover design is more fitting. 

I also got this wall hanging completed this morning.

Close up of the beads and background


Barb said...

Just love your projects!!

BJ said...

The journal cover looks great. Are you going to add any words on it? The simplicity of it seems very fitting for the Asian theme you are using.

Gene Black said...

I love the wall hanging. It reminds me of some that my Nana made using papers and paper beads a few years ago

Cynthia Eloise said...

all very nice. i agree on your cover, less turned out really nice.