Monday, January 24

Finished up some fiber beads today I'll be using on a 
wall hanging that is "almost" done. Used all Oriental flavor fabrics
and some metal (sheet & wire).

The page I'm working on now for the Techniques 4 Textiles Journal 
is Fancy Footwork. I've been using some of Edna's machine feet 
cause I just don't have that many. I've learned about some feet I
hadn't even heard of. We've been making our samples on 
white fabric and today they got a little dye job. 

I was sitting at my table laying out the foot samples and
a friend called and I'd just opened up the paint jar but
needed a brush in the other room. So there I sat with
no brush and while we talked I picked up a straight pin 
and dipped it in the paint and played with a little
scrap on the table. We laughed that I would paint 
with a pin, but you know after I got off the phone and
looked at this I really liked it so I did a few more. 

 Here are the sample's sewn together so far. I need about 3-4 more. 
Then I think I'll call it quits on this page. 

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Cynthia Eloise said...

isn't it amazing how creative we can be when we don't have all the proper "stuff". although i haven't tried painting with a pin. i kinda like to get my fingers in it.