Saturday, January 15

4 x 6 inches of joy

Yesterday was a post card day, I completed 4 of these. I love doing ATCs and Post Cards, but post cards give me that little extra real estate to play with. You can experiment with techniques and not have any commitment to a big project. I must admit I have slight commitment issues with big projects. That could be why I've never made anything larger than a lap quilt. My true love -  these funky mixed media smaller quilts and I just never tire of making them, as you may have noticed. 

When wall hangings do not behave they are
taken away to become postcards.

Ok this quilting did make me a bit nutty(er). It was just too small. 
Felt like I needed a big magnifying lens to drop down 
from my glasses, like in the old SF movies.


Cynthia Eloise said...

i love them all. i agree with you about doing the smaller pieces. every time i try something larger i get lost. to much space. i think i need to try post cards, i really like how yours turned out.

fabriquefantastique said...

looks like you really enjoyed making those postcards

BJ said...

I absolutely LOVE the postcard. I am always drawn to the Autumn colors, that you seem to use so often. And the metals. I'm so drooling! I do recognize what you made the ATC's out of (at least I'm quite sure I'm right - LOL). You certainly can mix up a good batch of "lemonade".

Judy Alexander said...

Wow! All of these are really great. Glad I found you.