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Finally Finished - Crazy 8's

I've been tinkering with drawing/painting on fabric and came up with this post card. It's for a swap on the Quilt With Us site. The theme was throne. So I looked on line for some inspiration and determined to use an Egyptian throne. I call this post card, Queen of Stitches.

I started this quilt way back in mid May and just now got it finished. Whew. The print is called Crazy 8's. I bought the center panel last year before Christmas but didn't find the other fabrics till early this year. Most of the quilt shops had run out of the fabric but I found a honey bun and turnover on Burgundy Buttons. When Stefanie and I went on our quilting retreat was when I started this. I started quilting it late yesterday and finished it today. I had the binding made ahead of time. I cut it on Stefanie's GO cutter when I was cutting the other parts of the quilt.
Got this perfect fabric for the back on line at a great price. It's the Moda Basic Gray line. LOVE IT! As you can see Auggi…

Denim Quilts - The One and Only

Well I got the great idea of making a denim quilt. It's for a guy and seemed perfect at the time the idea came to my mind. I did the top with some purchased denim and the bulk of it was made of old jeans. The top was finished and a good backing for the guy was selected. When I went to pin the sandwich together I started running in to problems. The bent safety pins I use just had a hard time going threw the layers...oh no! Would this be hard to quilt? YES! After I bent/broke a needle I changed over to a denim needle and things went smoother, but I was still having problems. I got it almost quilted yesterday, but did have a little time out of un-sewing some of the quilting. So after picking out the boo boos I determined to set it aside till today. I'll finish the quilting today and trim down to square edges. I've not made my binding yet but that will be a breeze compared to the quilting. Hopefully this quilt will be completed by tomorrow at the latest. It's a cool quilt,…


There are 2 things on the subject of babies I wanted to talk about. First a buddy of mine and his lovely wife have adopted such a wonderful sweet little boy from Ethiopia, Silas. Silas has been with his family for a year on 6/16. One thing sweet Silas would like to have thou is a sister.
This is from Silas's daddy's blog.
We thought that selling the Ugandan Magazine Necklaces from 147 Million Orphans was another great way to raise money ... and it's a win-win. We are helping a feeding programin Uganda and we are helping bring our daughter home from Ethiopia.
These are really pretty close up. The bead sizes range from tiny to good size and are all hand made (in Ethiopia) from rolled up magazine pages. Each bead is sealed and the quality is excellent. They are very pretty, modern and green, but the big bonus is the help you will give so many. Click on over to check out Journey 2 Silas' Sister. You can purchase your necklace there. It's a wonderful cause.

Now on to anoth…

The Search Is On

This past Saturday while over at Paula's sewing I decided I needed a "new" machine to use for my carry around machine. The first machine I bought was a little $99 White which I still use for some things. (mostly foundation piecing and sewing on paper) I use my Pfaff for everything else. I love my Pfaff. About 2 years ago I bought a Singer for around $150 and thought it would be a good traveling machine, but I was wrong and this past Saturday it gave up while sewing denim. So we fell back on Paul's Pfaff. That was when it came to me that I just needed to get rid of the White and the Singer and just get a second Pfaff. I love them and I'm now hunting for a good used one. After a few phone calls yesterday I was unable to find what I had in mind at the 2 remaining Pfaff shops here in town. One dealer did say he had several in the "back" but hadn't checked them out yet and done the refurbishing on them. So that is a slim possibility. The down side was on…

A Tale of Two Buttons

You know how you share funny stories with your friends and when you bring them up you still all laugh your self silly for months on end? Well this is one of those stories. I sure hope it's as funny to you as it's been for us. One day while out fabric shopping, our first stop was at JoAnn. It was my good quilting buddies Paula and Stefanie. We had done all our shopping and were headed for the checkout when I walked over to look and see if a silly little something I'd had my eye on was on sale yet. You know, one of those things you don't need and really serves no other purpose except to make you smile. JoAnn had a new group of home deco stuff for your craft or sewing room and these big buttons just made my heart sing. So I've been looking at them for several weeks and when I go to check them out there is just ONE red button left and it's 40% off. OK that's it, it will be mine. So I grab it off the display and holding it tight I go back and show off the dear f…

Inchies & Beyond

Well with a bunch of graphic work behind me and my schedule clear for a day or two it's time to sew! I was looking over the UFO pile this morning and just shook my head and felt I needed more coffee prior to jumping back into any of them. So I did a little organizing in the sewing room and was looking at a section of fabric I'd been playing with for some inchies. I like to lay my stuff out so I can touch and look. More to pick up later but it helps me visualize.
I think my Christmas quilt is the closest to haveing the top completed so I'll work on it today. Later thou I'm going to Paula's to make hand bags. She found a cool idea and we're going to experiment with them tonight - hint I'm to take my anvil ? what? I should have photos tomorrow.
Did get a bit side tracked thou looking for the manual for my carpet shampooer. I'm not sure how these things happen but stuff just wanders off and I never see it again. I "thought" it might be in the huge…

Just Not Enough Time To Sew

Well this has been a no sew week, bummer. I worked on the bird book all day Mon - Tues. Took care of the messy house on Wed. Ran errands all day Thurs and Friday had a fun fabric shopping day with Stefanie, but no sewing. So today after hours on the computer once again I just had to sew something and I figured a few inches were better than nothing.

While out shopping with Stefanie on Friday we went to the book store ( I had a gift card burning a hole in my pocket ) and I found a good book. I normally don't even look at book stores for fiber books cause they have so few and normally stick to the magazine rack. This is a good book with lots of funky techniques in it. I plan on trying a few on some up coming swaps I have.

One swap I'm in is for a 12 x 12 block that can be black & white + 1 color. So I'm thinking do I want to use my one color as thread? Paint? Another Fabric? It's a good challenge too and has me thinking. Then there is a post card swap coming up and we …

Won't be long now

Well I'm nearing the end of the drawings for the newest Seymour Adventures. It's working title is Seymour and Friends. It's a children's bird watching book and I've been drawing away and learning a little something about birds too. This will be the 3rd book in the Seymour series. I will be adding the first 2 books to my Etsy shop very shortly. They are also available at Art & Invention in East Nashville.
I truly love doing children's illustrations and drawings.
Today I have my first class teaching drawing to kids. It will be different and I've spent some time getting simple lessons together on shadows, and foreground/background and other simple art basics. This should be fun.
Tomorrow I am planning on sewing all day. I have 2 quilt tops near completion. I like to do my quilting in groups and I'll have 3 ready to quilt then. No need rolling the sewing cabinet out into the middle of the living room for one quilt, so I save them up. I also enjoy the qu…

And Sew On

I was a bit under the weather with back issues for a bit and didn't get any sewing done, but feeling much better now and started working on my in-law quilt again. This quilt has been a challenge. My original design (in my head) was beautiful. Then when I started laying the blocks out what I saw was very boring. So out I go to get more fabric (grin). As soon as I found out Basic Grey was making fabric I was thrilled (thanks Stef), it's sold by Moda. So I got some of the beautiful brown for this quilt. Only Tuesday did I determine to set the center section on point. This was suggested by my new sewing buddie Edna. She has tons of experience and can answer any question I have. From that point things seem to be falling in place, knock on wood. I did find the perfect fabric for the back of this quilt and then it ended up on the front? Plans? Who me? I'm taking this with me today to work on at Stefanie's house.

Went out shopping with Paula and Stefanie on Saturday and we hit …