Friday, March 19

Wonderful Quilting Day

First off here is my new little baby machine. My quilting buddy Paula gave this to me for my B-day. I just love these little machines. I now have 3 and all from Paula. She knows my weakness for these little gems. This will move up to the shelf above my cutting table today to it's permanent place.

Yesterday I had a wonderful quilting day with my friend Stefanie. Stefanie is just getting started quilting and is doing it with gusto. She bought the accucut machine and I went over yesterday and cut out 2 quilt tops in no time flat. It made such a quick job of cutting we had time for fabric shopping and lunch out. There was an undiscovered quilt shop near her house we checked out and I found several items I just couldn't come home without. This coffee fabric was just too sweet to leave behind. As my Mickey cup shows it's a thumbs up. I have other coffee fabric and I'm sure something for the dinning room will come from this.

This is one of the tops I got cut out yesterday. I've been hoarding my oriental fabrics for a good while and was a bit hesitant to cut in to them, but with the accucut I jumped right in and now I'm ready to start.

And the second top all cut and ready to go.
As you can see it even removes the dog ears.

Always on the hunt for more oriental fabric
I found this at the quilt shop we stopped at. Just loved it.

2 very sweet little FQ I found at the quilt shop
It was a wonderful day and there was one other highlight. Stef discovered a great on line shop that we ordered a few things from. The shop is in her area so the owner let us do a pick up so I have a wonderful new honey bun and turnover from Moda to finish out my collection of Crazy 8's. I just love that set of fabric and can't wait to get started on that quilt. Well with all this fabric cut out I've not excuses to not be sewing. I have 2 new swaps to work on and need to get those patterns planned too. Too much sewing not enough time.

Friday, March 12

Greeting Cards Now Available

I now have greeting cards with photos of my fiber art. These are 5.5 x 8.5 cards printed on card stock with cream envelopes. They are for sale on both my Etsy shop and on 1000 Markets. (see the links on the right)

Today my friend Stefanie came over and we looked at quilting books, fabric and sewed some. She is just getting started quilting. She sat down at my machine and tried free motion for the first time and did a really good job. I think she may be a natural. Her first try looked better than mine did.

Tuesday, March 9

Getting Those UFO off the shelf

A wonderful on line group I belong to on Quilt With Us had a block swap, and this past Saturday I got my sweet Chocolate themed block in the mail. I was so excited I ripped it open in the car. We each made a 12x12 block and our perfect hostess sorted them and sent them to their new homes. My block was made by Gwen Gwinner and it is so sweet. After we got our blocks we were to make a wall hanging from them. I took my block up stairs and started to set it on the cutting table and realized I already had several UFOs on the table and just couldn't just lay down this sweet block and walk away. So I started sorting fabrics and just started on it right away. By early afternoon it was finished and hanging on my wall. I had this cute little hanger I'd picked up at the last quilt show and thought it would be perfect for the hanging. Since I had limited space I thought I'd make the hanging a long thin one. It fit the space perfect. So now when I'm standing at my cutting table I'll have this to look at, and end up wanting some candy I'm sure.

I was so hyped up from getting the wall hanging done I tackled another of my small quilts that was so close to being finished it was sad that I left it sitting for so long. All it needed was the binding, for goodness sakes. But I'd left it sitting for many months. It took about 1.5 hours to finish it, I really should be ashamed. What can I say, but it's done now.

I am teaching a class at JoAnn's in poly clay and one of the upcoming classes is for making flowers. These are the samples I made several days ago for the open house this coming Saturday. I really enjoy teaching these classes. I've always enjoyed working with clay and these little flowers are so cute and can be used to put on frames, candle holders, or to make jewelry with.
Well now with the UFO's starting to disappear I'm energized to knock off another one. I have 2 quilts laying on the cutting table. The oldest one is from another swap and I've had the blocks for at least 4 months I think, so it's next. I don't know when I became such a procrastinator, but it seems with quilting it's happened to me. Even with all those laying about up there I still want to start new stuff - I'm hopeless.