Friday, December 10

My "Little" Fan

I've given my little sister a few quilted items for Christmas deco and they seem to have made quite an impression with Bonnie. Bonnie is her sweet, silly, spunky little cat. Bonnie sometimes acts somewhat like a dog in that she follows my sister around the house and sits in her lap while they watch TV,  just like my Auggie does. But in all other ways Bonnie is quite the typical feline. My sister keeps sending me these cute photos of Bonnie rolled up, hiding under and sitting on the quilts/pillows I've made them for Christmas. So I dedicate this post to Bonnie.

 Rolled up in a quilted wall hanging.

 Perched on the Christmas Pillow

 Hiding under the Crazy 8, Christmas Quilt

So I decided to make Bonnie her own quilt. 
It's only 27x32 so she might even
be able to drag it around too. 
Merry Christmas Bon Bon.


Angel said...

I love it! She is a mess!

Gene Black said...

Bonnie reminds me a lot of my dearly departed Bandit. Both in looks and in the "hiding" thing.
Sweet pictures.

Patty Ashworth said...

Beautiful cat! we had a cat with about the same marking, but in grey and white. Oh, and the quilting is great too...