Thursday, December 30

Exciting New Project

Yesterday a new group was started over at Quilt With Us and I'm so excited about it. It was started by Brenda C. and it is called Techniques4Textiles. We will be following her lead to create a Techiques Journal filled with new techniques we will be learning during the year. 
I'm pretty hyped this should be really fun. Each person has listed 3 things they are interested in learning. I got over excited and listed about 10 and Brenda calmed me down and I came back to 3. Got a little over excited I think.
So this morning I kind of came up with a plan for making my journal which I think I'll do first. I'm falling back on my love of scrap booking for creating my journal. I've made books before and this will be a known area and not require too much thinking, just playing. 
Also yesterday I tried pin weaving for the first time. I didn't use the tiny threads for the warp as my book suggested, but used strips of pleather and cotton. Just wanted to try a quick swatch to see how I liked this technique - well I love it and today I'm going to dive into doing it with a fine warp and make a larger section than the 3x6 I did yesterday. I don't have the correct size thread/cord for my warp, but I think I'll just use double sewing thread and see how that works. 

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