Sunday, November 7

Scrapbooking With Friends

Yesterday I had a really good time scrap booking with some great ladies I don't get to see too often. I didn't get my cards finished liked I'd hoped, but with all the talking, laughing and eating there just wasn't enough time. Oh well I still have plenty of time. I took a little time out to check out the new items from Stampin Up and saw several things that I just must have. I normally only scrap at our yearly get together in February, so this was fun to get together and see everyone's projects and learn different techniques. Stefanie is fabulous with paper and showed me how to make these wonderful paper flowers. My first thought was could I make these from fabric? Hum I might just have to try, after I master them in paper of course. 

Hopefully today after a few errands I'll take some time to make some jewelry for Christmas presents. I have 3 sets to make. After that I only have 1 quilting project left to do...whew I'm so glad I got started early. Now I just might have time to make a new table runner and table topper for our house, maybe.

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