Monday, November 22

New Addition to the Tiny Sewing World

On Saturday we had our guild meeting and I did a demo of the embellisher. I took samples of finished work and also took duck cloth, felt and roving. Each member had a try at playing with the embellisher using both sheer, or silk like fabrics and also the wool rovings. We all had a good time. 

Sunday my friend Paula came over for us to celebrate her birthday. She came bearing gifts too even thou it was her birthday! Hey who am I to object? So she brought me the Crafts book on the left as gift and I'm borrowing the Centennial Quilts book on the right. The Crafts book was published in the 70's but has some wonderful techniques that are still current. It covers everything from paper making, basketry, felting, jewelry, clay and leather. It's very interesting and will be giving me great ideas for a long time. 

Here is another wonderful present Paula brought me. Isn't this the cutest little machine!
Paula sent me the link when she saw it on line and when I went on and on about it she just bought it for me. It's so wonderful. The crank and needle still work fine. 

And as an added treasure, look at this spool of thread! It's wood and the scalloped bottom is something I've never seen before. I have no idea how old the spool is. 

Today while out running errands I picked up this fabric to make new napkins for Thanksgiving. I'll just put a little hem on the edges and say I'm done. 
Good fall colors.

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