Friday, October 15

Shooting Down UFO's

Yesterday I was determined to get started on ridding myself of my UFOs. I just hate having them lie about growling at me when I walk by. This was a table runner that got cast aside due to...well you see the problem. The cornerstones aren't quite in the corner. Well these things happen and I just didn't want to take it apart. That was one of those days when I just wasn't paying attention and see what happens. It's still cute thou. Maybe everyone will just look at the little birds and think I did some normal Royce wonky thing. 

Then today I had planned on getting the binding done for another UFO, but felt I needed to get my class hand outs ready for my Basic Drawing class which is this Sunday. 

The other UFO is really a lap quilt which I like but just let it slip away due to the quilting. Normally I pretty much charge right into the quilting as soon as I get the top done, but this one was a mix of different types of quilting. The center panel is free motion, the next part was done with the Sashiko and then the outer border was to be free motion again, but some how along the line that last part of the quilting didn't get done. I'm sure I got distracted with some new project - no not me.

I do have one other UFO, but I'm on the brink of deeming it a WOMBAT, not sure on that yet. It does have a good bit of work into it, but it's been lying about since Feb. I need to take it out and look at it and see what's it's up to. 

I did get my most recent swap into the mail and it's on the way to it's new home. 

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