Sunday, October 10

I hate it when that happens...

when life gets in the way of my fiber fun, that is. It seems the last week has been so full of other stuff. I did get some sewing done this week, but not much. Yesterday was a wire jewelry class at JoAnn and the monthly open house afterwards. That's when students can come in and talk with teachers and see class samples. It's also the day you can get 50% off on classes so it's a busy time. Then after open house I had to buzz off to a freelance client and do some graphic stuff. Also have been putting the finishing touches on a book I've been illustrating and getting ready for some new art classes I'll be teaching at JoAnn. So between the classes and freelance stuff there's been little time for sewing. 

Today thou I had nothing on my calendar and took advantage of it and went to the bead show. Got a few goodies (used much self restraint) as you can see I only got 2 strands of beads. The new tools thou were very exciting. The little hammer makes wonderful patterns in the hammered metal. The new pliers will take a little practicing with but I'm excited about trying them out. 

I did make a new fiber and metal cuff this past week and as always enjoyed making something with no direction or plans. The wire is stainless steel. It wouldn't lay flat cause it's shaped to go around your wrist. 

The little bit of sewing I have done was this wonky log cabin block. I saw a quilt done with these at the Centerville Quilt show last weekend and just loved it. Had to try it out.

After we got home from the bead show today I worked on the blog button for the new Modern Quilt Guild that is being started in my area. We're very excited about this. Our first meeting will be coming up very soon. For more information on this new guild just click the button on the right. 

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maggi said...

Those beads are so unusual, very nice. I can see why you like making cuffs if they turn out like this one. Wonky log cabin is fun to do and I like the colours you have used in your block.