Saturday, October 16

Good Mail

Today was a great mail day. I got my post card from our recent swap. The theme was EYE. My post card made by Linda G. titled "Cup of Joe, My Eye Opener". I normally put all my small swaps in my sewing room but this one just might have to live in the kitchen so I can see it each morning, whether my eyes are open yet or not.  

Another exciting item in the mail was a jelly roll I won from Qubee Quilts. It's simple more earthy patterns, the kind I like. Will have to live with this a while before I think of something to do with it.

As you might have noticed I've been attracted with making fiber cuffs here lately and this is my version of something sweet and a little more girlie. There is a vintage cameo and lots of lace. Once again it's the draw of the unknown - no pattern - no plan. Gotta love it.

Really need to get back to my Civil War quilt...but I think I need to make one more funky thing first. Got this idea and really need to try it out. It involves boots, I'll say no more.


Cynthia Eloise said...

boots? can't wait to see where your creativeness is going with this one. love your cuff.

Cottonwood Quilter said...

Glad you got the postcard, I was getting worried!