Sunday, October 31

The Disappearing Design Wall

I don't normally use a design wall, most of my pieces are small and I don't really need one, but with the Civil War quilt I've started I thought I'd need it. I have 5 windows and 2 doors in this room and there just isn't any wall space bigger than 3 ft. So I remember someone saying that you could use the back of a cheep table cloth...hum. So while I'm out shopping on Friday at Wally World I see Thanksgiving plastic table cloths for $4.65. That's cheeper than a yard of the same fabric so I thought I'd give it a try. 

Hubby stapled it to a long tube - packaging for track lighting. Yes, I'd been hoarding it for months for no good reason. When it is unrolled it's there and then in just a few minutes, it's rolled up and gone. The blocks don't "stick" to it as well as I'd like, but it should be OK for as little as it will get used. I used a little Sulky temporary spray adhesive on a few of these blocks. 

You can just see a little white bit on top of the cabinet when it's rolled up. 

Good mail on Thursday! A fiber post card by BJ
It was a thanks for being the hostess of the "Fall Colors" block swap. 

Worked on my wall hanging more today, it's changing as it goes. 
Which is always enjoyable. 

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Cottonwood Quilter said...

Hi Royce,
I see your situation with the design wall, thought this may help. If you have a lit brush, try brushing the flannel which will loosten it so that your fabric will stick better. Just a thought. Love your blocks, do you have a pattern or are you using a book?