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The Disappearing Design Wall

I don't normally use a design wall, most of my pieces are small and I don't really need one, but with the Civil War quilt I've started I thought I'd need it. I have 5 windows and 2 doors in this room and there just isn't any wall space bigger than 3 ft. So I remember someone saying that you could use the back of a cheep table cloth...hum. So while I'm out shopping on Friday at Wally World I see Thanksgiving plastic table cloths for $4.65. That's cheeper than a yard of the same fabric so I thought I'd give it a try. 

Hubby stapled it to a long tube - packaging for track lighting. Yes, I'd been hoarding it for months for no good reason. When it is unrolled it's there and then in just a few minutes, it's rolled up and gone. The blocks don't "stick" to it as well as I'd like, but it should be OK for as little as it will get used. I used a little Sulky temporary spray adhesive on a few of these blocks. 

You can just see a little w…

The Excitement of A New Art Quilt

Yesterday I printed out a bird from a book I illustrated and thought I would use it in an art quilt. This quilt will have the inchies in it I received in a swap. One of the little inches has a birds head on it and that was my inspiration for this wall hanging. First I drew the bird with my new favorite tool the Fonts & Porter mechanical pencil with the white lead. Then I started coloring in with a combination of Crayola fabric Crayons and Pentel Fabricfun pastel dye sticks. The Crayola's are not meant to be use directly on fabric, but you know I seldom pay attention to things like that. (It's just not machine washable.)

Next I'll outline the bird and give him a few extra line with free motion. Then more coloring, and move on to the next part of the piece - the background for the inchies.

I just love starting a new wall hanging, it's very exciting to see what direction things will flow. I've already changed the design once. Sometimes what is great in my head is…

Our First Guild Meeting

Yesterday we had our very first meeting of the Music City ModernQuilter's Guild.
Our meeting was held in a very old house which is now a club house in a Franklin TN neighborhood. I just loved the furniture in the room we had our meeting in. 

This is a very interesting chair I'll have to look up this design.

My mom had reproductions of this type of chair in her living-room,  so this made me feel right at home. This is by the way the men's chair.  The women's chair had very low arms, so there would be room for the huge  dresses worn in that time period. We're talking Gone With The Wind big dresses. 

and after all what is important at any gathering - food  I totally forgot to take a photo before it was munched on, what was I thinking - oh well eating I guess. 
Burgundy Buttons sponsored our first meeting and each new member got a wonderful goodie bag. She also had a good selection of  fabrics for sale with my favorite word DISCOUNT! So I just couldn't pass up getting a "fe…

Finishing Up The Old & Getting Ready For The New

This is the quilt that had been sitting around unfinished for months. It's not my normal way to let things sit, but this one just fell aside and well you know how it goes. So Wednesday I sewed the binding strips together and machine sewed it to the front of the quilt. I went to my big comfy chair to clip the binding around to the back with the little clips I use and got engrossed in a movie my hubby was watching. Next thing I know I'm doing something for the first time...hand stitching the binding on the back. All my quilting buddies who have been quilting for years say this is the way to do it, but I was very resistant. I am known for saying "I only hand stitch when adding embellishments." Well, I might have a change in my thinking now. This was so relaxing, I was shocked. For those of you who do your binding this way all the time I'm sure you are smiling to yourself and nodding at your screen, but this new experience was just a zen moment for me. So now this ol…

Finally it's Started

Yesterday I got a goodie in the mail from Brenda in our Quilt With Us Group. She was the hostess of the EYE swap and made each person one of these cute little pin cushions. This seemed like a great place for it, right on top of my machine. 

I was out yesterday and stopped at one of my local quilt shops to post a flyer for the new guild and picked up a few pieces of civil war fabric and also this wonderful book. It has some of the cutest patterns in it for Christmas. I just love reindeer and it has some very sweet ones. The placemat and oven mitt are my favorites and I'll just have to make them for myself. 

I've finally gotten started on a civil war / Gone With The Wind lap quilt I'm making for my little sister. She loves that movie and when I saw this fabric in the Hancocks catalog I had to have it. I'm mixing the traditional Civil War blocks with the Gone With The Wind fabrics. Some of the blocks that are fussy cut from the GWTW fabric are for the back of the quilt. Thi…

Good Mail

Today was a great mail day. I got my post card from our recent swap. The theme was EYE. My post card made by Linda G. titled "Cup of Joe, My Eye Opener". I normally put all my small swaps in my sewing room but this one just might have to live in the kitchen so I can see it each morning, whether my eyes are open yet or not.  

Another exciting item in the mail was a jelly roll I won from Qubee Quilts. It's simple more earthy patterns, the kind I like. Will have to live with this a while before I think of something to do with it.

As you might have noticed I've been attracted with making fiber cuffs here lately and this is my version of something sweet and a little more girlie. There is a vintage cameo and lots of lace. Once again it's the draw of the unknown - no pattern - no plan. Gotta love it.

Really need to get back to my Civil War quilt...but I think I need to make one more funky thing first. Got this idea and really need to try it out. It involves boots, I'…

Shooting Down UFO's

Yesterday I was determined to get started on ridding myself of my UFOs. I just hate having them lie about growling at me when I walk by. This was a table runner that got cast aside due to...well you see the problem. The cornerstones aren't quite in the corner. Well these things happen and I just didn't want to take it apart. That was one of those days when I just wasn't paying attention and see what happens. It's still cute thou. Maybe everyone will just look at the little birds and think I did some normal Royce wonky thing. 

Then today I had planned on getting the binding done for another UFO, but felt I needed to get my class hand outs ready for my Basic Drawing class which is this Sunday. 
The other UFO is really a lap quilt which I like but just let it slip away due to the quilting. Normally I pretty much charge right into the quilting as soon as I get the top done, but this one was a mix of different types of quilting. The center panel is free motion, the next part …

I hate it when that happens...

when life gets in the way of my fiber fun, that is. It seems the last week has been so full of other stuff. I did get some sewing done this week, but not much. Yesterday was a wire jewelry class at JoAnn and the monthly open house afterwards. That's when students can come in and talk with teachers and see class samples. It's also the day you can get 50% off on classes so it's a busy time. Then after open house I had to buzz off to a freelance client and do some graphic stuff. Also have been putting the finishing touches on a book I've been illustrating and getting ready for some new art classes I'll be teaching at JoAnn. So between the classes and freelance stuff there's been little time for sewing. 

Today thou I had nothing on my calendar and took advantage of it and went to the bead show. Got a few goodies (used much self restraint) as you can see I only got 2 strands of beads. The new tools thou were very exciting. The little hammer makes wonderful patterns i…

Step away from the quilt

Some days I just have to stray from my path. Or do I really have a clear creative path, I wonder some days. I love fiber and quilting, but some days need a more abstract outlet. So this past Friday I wanted to play with some free form creations and made these 2 fiber cuffs. These are not for the faint of heart for sure and make quite a statement. I've noticed people stop me when I'm out to look at my jewelry and these are for sure no exception. But odd as they are I really like them. I mix all my loves into these funky cuffs and end up with something new and exciting. 

A Wonderful Fun Saturday

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This morning we all hooked up and had a wonderful day looking at quilts, good food, browsing a craft show and picking out pumpkins.

Hey - Lets Give Something Away!

Today there will be a "Special Delivery" give-a-way. Just comment below, you know the drill and you will be entered to get a FREE PDF version of the pattern. This pattern will be available in my Etsy shop very shortly as a PDF and traditional paper pattern. I'll also be selling the clips to hold your Christmas Cards. With this being my first pattern for sale I wanted to celebrate and give a few of them away. 
This is a pretty quick project and can be made with scraps most of us have around.  If you  need some new fabric, and we all always want that, then drop by Burgundy Buttons and check out some beautiful holiday fabrics. 
I made my card holder with my favorite civil war fabrics, but 2 of my testers did theirs in bright Holiday colors and they all look great.