Friday, September 17

Swap Goodies

I am planning on starting a Civil War quilt around the end of the year. Actually I'm planning on making 2 of these. One for my little sister and one for us. I've been collecting civil war fabrics for months and have what I need to get started. I didn't have any blocks in mind yet and had mentioned to my buddy Paula that I wanted this book and...SURPRISE! she got it for me. It's just a wonderful book with over 100 block patterns. On each page is a block pattern and the letter that inspired it. It's so interesting to see where the block names came from. I started reading some of the letters, but had to put it down or I wouldn't have gotten an thing done.

This has been a wonderful week for getting goodies in the mail. I was lucky enough to stumble upon a group called Quilt With Us. The link is below on the right. If you have not checked it out yet you really should. I've met some wonderful on line friends here and the swaps and friendships are priceless. We just started a new swap for book marks. I've made a few book marks but wanted to try out some samples before I made the ones for our current swap. So yesterday I worked on these while over at Stefanie's house on our sewing day. I just used 2 fabrics and some knitting "ribbon" and really liked the way they turned out. I did a lot of free motion on these too. I also made a small pile of inchies that will be going into a wall hanging later today. Hubby even liked the book marks so much he wants one.

While I was at Stefanie's yesterday she was working on a Christmas wall hanging which she should have on her blog shortly. It's very cute, even if I do say so myself. It's my design. Can't wait to see her finished piece.

On Tuesday I got my inchies from Gwen from our swap on Quilt With Us. In our ATC group we have side swaps and this one was for inchies. I'd like to make a small wall hanging with Gwen's inchies. I'll have to go up and look threw my fabrics to see what will work best. I love the blue bird inchies.

We also had a swap in our Art Quilts group on Quilt With Us for a art block and I was lucky to receive this beautiful block from BJ. I just love this block and it fit perfectly in this plain black album frame I had. It's a wonderful addition to my sewing area. The damsel fly is 2D. The background is woven strips of fabric and at each intersection is a hand sewed bead. This photo will just not do this art piece justice so pop over to BJ's blog and check out her work. I was so thrilled over this it was out of the package and on the wall in a record 15 min.

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BJ said...

Your bookmarks and inchies are wonderful! Love what you got from Gwen, too. How fun.
Thanks for your wonderful comments on your damsel fly. Makes me feel very happy. :D