Thursday, September 2

Pillow Talk

I've never done any sewing for garments or much home dec stuff so making a little pillow for my sister out of this cute 50's fabric seemed like it would be a quick project. This was my fist little chat with pom poms. They don't seem to like me a bit! Well I showed them I'm not going to be pushed around - yea right. Well they were a little pain in the butt, and I'm in no hurry to trim with them again. It is a cute little pillow thou. I just shrieked when I saw this fabric one day out "hunting". Had no idea what I'd do with it, but it was one of those had to have items. I have enough left over to make those cute little pillows that hang on door knobs - this small one will have no pom poms - maybe some hand sewed on bells.

To recover from all that cute I wanted to make a fiber cuff bracelet. This one had some heavy experimenting in it, but was a lot of fun to make. I really like making things when I truly have no idea how it will turn out. I started off with some pleather and just wandered off into Royceland.

Hammered copper help the cuff keep it's shape.

I STILL have that one quilt left to quilt that is a Christmas present, I do think I'm dreading doing the quilting due to the quilt being a bit larger than most I make. Well hopefully tomorrow I'll just open the sewing cabinet all the way out and get started - maybe. I'm also coming down to the last few pages of my current illustration project, only four pages left.

I'm also working on a wall hanging pattern to hold my Christmas cards this year. This pattern will be showing up here next week. 2 Free PDF copies of the pattern will be given away, remember to check back, it's really cute.


Cynthia Eloise said...

cute pillow, but i really love the bracelet. i know exactly what you meant when you said "I really like making things when I truly have no idea how it will turn out". i feel the same, i don't enjoy the pieces i plan out as much as the ones that i let carry me away. enjoy. i think that is how creating is really suppose to be.

home d├ęcor pillows said...

The pillow looks so cute. Very comfortable. And the bracelet, looks hot. Love it!