Thursday, August 19

Quick Projects and Cute Storage

Yesterday I had my fun weekly trip to Stefanie's house and we sewed and had a wonderful time as usual. She had been feverishly organizing her studio to expand it from her stationary business to include her new love of quilting. One thing I just few in love with was her storage for her ribbons and buttons. This is a great idea and I loved the colors being separated. She has her ribbons wrapped on the old cloths pins and the matching buttons in sweet little snap down jars. Two old fashioned things ended up looking very modern and sleek.

I have been working on several small wall hangings for gifts. I normally give Christmas decorations in the late fall so they can be used that year. So I need to get moving on these. I have several left to make. These patterns are from Nancy Halvorsen's book "I Believe".

There are 9 blocks which make a beautiful quilt, but when time is against me I just made them into cute little wall hangings. I still have to make the hangers, which I'm planning on making out of heavy black fence wire. It's about 14 gauge and very hard.

I was drawn back into my natural love of funky stuff with this post card made with de-stressed black cotton (used a bleach pen) batik, loose woven linen and of course copper wire and heavy black wire. The black wire was hammered and wrapped with 26 gauge copper. I used a copper Madeira thread.
Today will be another jewelry day to get ready for the 2 classes I have on Friday night and Saturday. Saturday's class will be a metal workshop. I completed my class hand outs this morning and now need to make a few samples. Looking forward to sharing my love of metal.

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