Friday, August 6

Good Mail

Yesterday when I went to the post office I had 2 goodies in the mail. It's always wonderful to get fiber art from my on line buddies and I had 2 wonderful gifts yesterday. The first photo is of some beautiful inchies by Gwen. The stitching on these are so very neat. I have problems with the ziz zag on the edges of my small works and these are perfect. Gwen does beautiful work. You can see her fiber art by clicking her name above. One hint I got from Gwen is what she uses as her "batting". It's a stiff interfacing. She was so sweet and sent me 2 pieces of this to experiment on.

My second surprise was from Diana Bracy a very talented fiber artist. This was the post card I received thew the last swap (subject: Thrones) we had on the Quilt With Us site in our ATC group. We do post cards and inches in this group too. I just love it. The concept for Diana's post card came from every one in the group trying to win a Bernina chair about the time the swap subject was being determined. We all wanted to win that chair! Well I might have not have won the chair, but I sure got a wonderful post card.

Another thing I got from both Gwen and Diana were the clear envelopes you put ATC's and post cards in to mail/store. I'd not used these before and will be sending my first post card off in one with in the week. I'm going to test to see how safely it gets to it's destination in California - yes Janice it's coming to you. You will be my test for the strength of these. I've heard some scary stories from the on line group of their experiences at their local post office when mailing fiber art in these clear envelopes, so hopefully mine will go threw smoothly.

You might have read in earlier posts that I had plunked my sewing machine down in my living room. Well at the time it seemed a good idea. The cabinet was very heavy and it was in the middle of summer. I told hubby and his bud he had helping him to just sit it in the living room, and there it has stayed till now.

Now thou I'd really like to have my living room back to normal. So I came up with the "great" idea to swap my current living room stuff with what is in my den. So I'll move the tv, couch etc into the living room and put all the sewing stuff/computer into the "new" den. Which will become the "hobby room". We live in an old 1930's house and the walls are plaster, so today I'll take all the stuff off the walls in the den and start patching the plaster and getting ready to paint. This is the one room in the house that's not been touched since we got married 12 years ago. It's time for it's face lift. So the transformation begins. I'll keep you posted on how it's going - I dearly hate painting so I'm trying very hard to just keep the end result in mind.


BJ said...

Royce - how fun... inchies AND a postcard and they are wonderful!
Your new room sounds like it will make a great studio for you. I'm excited for you. I'd come help paint if I could.
The book arrived and wonderful card, too. THANK YOU.

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