Monday, August 2

Fabric & Wire

Yesterday I got the quilting done on my D4P and it turned out pretty cute. This is for a Christmas present. I only have the binding on this one and one other one to quilt and I'll be done with my Christmas quilts, yea! I had one block left over from the front of this and put in on the back off centered with the light blue fabric making up the rest of the back.

Inspired with the new issue of Belle Armoire Jewelry I made these earrings yesterday from some new steel wire that hubby had hidden out in the basement. Love the color of the wire.

Today I'm making some wire accents for my next fiber art from this wire. It's a bit harder to work with, but I love the look.

I've added a flicker badge to the right and it has a good selection of my jewelry and fiber art.


Cynthia Eloise said...

i love the rustic look of the wire. do you hammer the end of the wire to flatten so the bead doesn't come off?

BJ said...

The D4P looks great! Will have to try that one soon.
Your earrings are great too.

Gene Black said...

I love your D4P. Thanks for sharing it.