Thursday, July 1

Road Trip!

With way too much coffee in me I hopped in Stefanie's car and off we went to her folks house early yesterday morning. She was taking her mom's new laptop to her and setting it up. I've always remembered stopping at road side places to get fruit and veggies in the summer and this place was sure no disapointmemt. It's near Stefanie's mom's place and has been there for many years. The orchards were just so pretty and they are very generous with the amount you get. We decided to split a box and they sure smelled good. I'm thinking cobbler...

This was only one of the orchards, we drove threw more
to get to the building where they boxed these beautiful peaches.

Then we were off to Stef's parents place which is beautiful and on the river. While Stefanie is setting up her mom's new laptop, yelling at automated help lines and loading software I'm out on the deck watching hawks fly the currents and listing to the leaves blow. Aaaahhhhh, peaceful. Stefanie's mom called in an order for our lunch from this little meat & 3 not too far from there house and I rode down there with her to pick up our lunch. The food was really good. The down town area is one of those if you blink you'll miss it but it's a cute little town.

Shortly after lunch with Stefanie's tech supports duties completed we climbed back in her car and were off to the exciting part of the day - fabric shopping! Less than an hour away was Hancock's of Paducah. I hear angel's sing when we pulled into the parking lot. It didn't seem like we were in the store very long but before I knew it Stefanie was telling me it was 4:00! Yikes and we still have a little drive back to Nashville. Head for the check out line.

I got this beautiful stack with Maria Elkins portraits in mind. I've only done one since I got her DVD. I've wanted to start another one and these fabrics are perfect while I'm still on the learning curve for her technique.

I've been in love with this Moda collection called Fruitcake for a while and have been wanting some of the teal background with the ornaments on it. Also picked up one of the "grunge" fabrics that are designed by Basic Grey. Couldn't pass up the charm pack either. This is for a table topper that will be a pre-Christmas gift.

Then of course I always have to add to my Civil War and Oriental stash too and here is what I got for those 2 collections I have going. We had a wonderful day, good weather and I was bushed when I got home. Hubby fixed dinner and I slept last night with dreams of fabric.


Barbara said...

Love that last fabric -- can see that fitting very nicely into any Oriental themed project!

BJ said...

I'm not sure if the peaches or fabric looks more yummy. What a great day you had. Your purchases are wonderful and I can totally see Maria Elkins in the stack of fabrics you got. Will be looking for your projects with them (but not right away - LOL)