Thursday, July 22

Poof & It's Gone

Tuesday I went out to JoAnns to spend the afternoon sewing. It's really fun to sew with a group of people. The instructor, Edna is pretty all knowing to me and I always have a question of the week for her. This week I had taken my disappearing 9-patch table topper to work on. (Wednesday I basted this with Stefanie's swift tag gun, I'd never used it and LOVE it)

Back to Tuesday: When I'd finished my D9P Edna said she had another block to show me - oh goodie! So to get me wondering she said you need 2 high contrast fabrics. So we go out and pick out some fabrics (the good thing about sewing at JoAnn) and then she told me to cut out 2 strips 5.5" wide, and sew them together. I do this. Then she said cut the strips into 5.5" sections, and sew together with light to dark. I do this. Aren't I good at following directions. I have no idea where this is going at this point.

Then she tells me to cut here and here, here and here.
1.5" from the center point.
(I cut these the next day while I was watching TV and cut them
at 1", but it still turned out OK. I can't cut and watch TV I guess.)

Then she did a quick switch-a-roo and WOW!
So this is the disappearing 4-Patch! I never knew.
What fun. I was so tickled you would have though I'd just won the lottery.

Sew them together and you get this.

I don't have my 9 blocks finished yet, still have 3 to cut/sew, but won't this be a cute little table topper! I am in love with this. It sure looks like I went to a lot of trouble cutting strips and doing a lot of thinking/piecing, but no, pretty darn easy - and that's the way I like it.

Yesterday I went to Stefanie's to sew. We had ordered some fabrics from Hancocks and my stuff was there waiting for me. Had to share this darling Alexander Henry fabric called Merry Moderns. I knew when I saw this on line it would be mine and I bought it to make something for my little sister. Not sure yet what it will become...hum. It's screaming fussy cutting thou.

And for my collection, I couldn't pass this up. They were HALF price. OK I do think there is a rule somewhere you have to buy stuff when it's that cheep - you've heard that right? That's what I told my hubby - can't break those quilting rules.

Today I've been working on some illustration for a cute little book "Here We Go To Grannie's House", but think I need to take a sewing break and finish up that blue D4P. I have an art quilt project floating in my head for after that. I just have to try out some of the techniques from the metal work DVD. My brain might explode if I don't.


Barbara said...

I love your D4P, what a neat pattern! I especially like the blues and brownish/golds together in the print. Very nice!

Cynthia Eloise said...

what a cool technique. thanks for sharing. i too have a problem with fabric sales. i love the way they bundle those little fat quarters. how can you resist.

BJ said...

I'd done the D9P but hadn't seen the D4P - way cool! I'm going to have to do this one! Thanks for sharing.

Sandy B said...

Thank you Royce - this is so neat. Ask Edna if she had done it with any other blocks.