Thursday, July 8

One of Those V8 moments

There is a wonderfully cute book by Art To Heart with a quilt called Blessings. I love her designs and thought I'd make several wall hangings from these great blocks. I like to give a little Christmas decoration to a few people at Thanksgiving. I did get a little crazy this year and planned to make 7 of these! Yes I need my head examined. In all honesty I thought they would be pretty quick to pull together. This is the most complicated one of the 3 I'm making. I find it very relaxing to cut out tiny stuff and have these tiny little scissors that are very sharp and can cut while watching TV. I'd cut out all the parts below while at Stefanie's last week watching a movie.

Then this Tuesday I started putting it together and ran into a "little bump". Lucky for me I was out at JoAnns at the sewing group and after struggling with placement for a good 20 min. I asked my constant savior Edna was there a better way...she walked me out to the quilting section of the store and AAAALLLLHHHHH (that's angel's singing) shows me this pressing thingie.

Well if it's not the best darn thing! You can see threw it so placement is a snap. I some times think after almost 5 years of sewing I haven't scratched the surface of what is to be learned. And quite honestly that is why I like it so much. Edna was also the one who turned me onto the Fonts & Porter flying geese ruler - GREAT! I'd tried making them and almost always cut their little "beak" off. I now know specialty rulers and gadgets are very helpful. I figured all I needed was my machine, rotary cutter standard long ruler and mat. I should have known better after seeing the GO Cutter in action. Speciality rulers and sewing gadgets are great and once you find the ones you need it's a true joy.


BJ said...

Pressing Sheets are WONDERFUL. I use mine a lot. I know they will make your project, which is so cute, go much easier. Have fun! Oh, and am I one of the seven lucky ones? LOL

Cottonwood Quilter said...

How fun, I have seen those but did not think I would ever use them, guess I better rethink or maybe I shouldn't think at all.