Monday, July 19

New Goodies & Old Friends

On Friday I drove over to my buddies mom's house and picked her up and we went out to hook up with my little sister so she could take a few photos of us before Janice flew back to California. I know I'd mentioned this before but Janice and I went to high school together and had lost track of each other for over 30 years and it was beyond description to hear from her one day on facebook. She found me and I just can't say how happy I am that happened. As much as we tried to sit for our photos we ended up giggling just like we did back in the 70's - some things never change. It was a really good day.

Saturday hubby and I had errands to run and one of our stops was to my good quilting buddy Paula's house. She was having a yard sale and I needed to check out what goodies she was letting go of. She has a wonderful collection of 30's - 50's stuff and I was on the look out for 50's stuff for Angel (her kitchen is dotted with the 50's) Did find a wonderful square cake carrier in shinny metal with a cool slanted handle. Not a speck of rust and ready for Angel to carry a pretty cake in.

After looking over the yard sale stuff Paula said oh I have something for you and after a quick trip to her sewing room comes back with this,

Isn't she just to die for. I have started a small collection (will it stay small?) of children's sewing machines. So far I have 4. Only one is electric. One day while wandering around on flicker I stumbled across a person who has a wonderful collection and after drooling over them I decided I just had to have a few. I'd looked at them at quilt shows and just never used my fabric money to get one, so Paula got me my first one and then continued to build my collection. Now she has given me all 4 that I have. Thanks so much Paula, I just love them.

They all sit on the shelf above my cutting table so I can see them all the time.

Yesterday I started the beading on the fiber art I am showing at the Tomato Festival. The gallery Art & Invention always has a great show with themed art for the festival. This will be my 3rd year to show there.

This is the canvas the fiber art will be mounted on, hopefully today.

Also on Saturday I picked up 2 new goodies at the post office. One was a book on how to do wire wrapping (jewelry) and the other was this great DVD on adding metal to your art quilts. I do think - trying not to sound dramatic, but this may have changed my outlook/direction on my art quilts. This is a wonderful class on DVD and covers tools, supplies and has great how to info. I just can't wait to try some of this stuff, it will happen very soon. Up to this point all I've added to my fiber is wire I'd either just bent or bent/hammered. Now a whole new world has opened up, and I can't wait to run threw that door. There is a video on the link above to see a teaser of what is on the DVD. That was what hooked me what I saw this.


BJ said...

Isn't it fun to have friends that no matter how long it is between get togethers, when you do it is just like you were never apart? You and your HS friend look terrific! I love that picture, it says so much about you both.
What fun to get another little sewing machine. Neat collection.
Ooooh, can't wait to see how you work the metal work into your art quilts -- seems like the perfect marriage for you, along with your clay pieces.

Cynthia Eloise said...

i'll be anxiously awaiting to see what you do with the metal. i bought a package of metal squares but haven't had the chance to experiment with them yet.

Angel said...

I LOVE the new little sewing machine!!!