Tuesday, July 13

Lycopersicon esculentum DNA

OK that title is a mouth full, but it's latin for tomato, oh so simple. Well it's that time of year again to be getting my art work ready for the tomato festival. This year I have 3 things planned and I just may get them all done...maybe. I always get a late start. I did get a good bit of this piece done today thou.

This was step one, the needle felting. I used synthetic woven fibers, rather than the normal wools a lot of folks do needle felting with. I love the textures. Not just anything will work thou, and I had to do some experimenting with different fabrics to see what did well. Cotton for example just gets eaten up by the embellisher. It must be yummy. I use duck cloth for the base to capture the fabric into. I started out with white and dark cream fabrics. There were several different fabrics - they accept the fabric paint differently which gives more color texture.

After doing all the felting came the painting - fun. I love painting fabric, it can be totally unpredictable, when you use a fabric / paint for the first time. I have my favorite fabrics to paint, but I did use 2 new ones in this - they did very well in both the felting and painting.

This is a detail of the texture.

The tools I used are simple, just paint (Dya Na Flow) and a flat 3/4" brush. The water in the spray bottle helps the paint to bleed in places where you want it to, even more than normal.
This also shows how much dimension the fabric now has.

So now I wait, and wait for the paint to dry.
Then after that it's time for a ton of free motion, then hand beading.
It will take 2 days to dry enough to sew on.

So now I'll work on something else. I have several projects started and need to get back on them. But I'm too excited now to work on stuff cause my high school girl friend who lives in California is in town and is coming over tomorrow and I just have time to make her a little surprise.


Barb said...

I find that very interesting what you are doing, will look forward to the end results.

Barbara said...

What a neat process, so pretty!

Cynthia Eloise (Cyndee) said...

thanks for sharing the process. i love the colors you chose.