Saturday, July 24

It's Finished!

Well I finished with this piece today, and ahead of schedule. I was thinking I'd be working on it till Wednesday. I hoped right on it this morning after my coffee and toast and didn't stop till almost 4:00. I'm sure my hands will be sore tomorrow, but I'm real happy with the way it turned out. This is my fist attempt at a sculpture and I sure learned a lot. Also used several of the techniques from the Metal Embellishments DVD I got a few weeks ago.

At this point it has no name thou. Nothing is coming to me. Guess it could be cause I've have it in my face for 2 days solid. If you look at this and a name jumps into your head let me know.

It's 95 here today, and after I came in from taking these photos I think the feels like is, 120!
Man the plastic chair on deck was atomic hot. Well I need to clean up the mess I've made. Wire, beads and my tools are everywhere.


Barbara said...

Very lovely and so interesting with it's multi-faced (4, I think) construction. I'm reminded of Mt. Rushmore! ;)

BJ said...

You are such an inspiring and inspirational artist. Maybe if I touch you some of it will rub off onto me? One can only wish. LOL

maggi said...

Lovely piece. I am useless at naming things so no help there I'm afraid.

Cynthia Eloise said...

very interesting concept. i love the four sides.