Thursday, July 15

Great New Book

Yesterday I was blessed to have a very good friend come by to spend the day. We don't see each other very often due to her living in California. She was home visiting her family and came by to see me, see we went to high school together. We kind of lost touch for quite a few years, but she found me again on facebook (thank you facebook) It is wonderful to be back in touch with Janice. We looked at our old annuals and laughed about old high school memories. Hubby was very interested in these old stories.

She had brought me a belated birthday present and I just love this. I've so far only had time to just flip through it. This morning while on the phone with another quilting buddy I screamed at something I'd turned to.

When I got to this page I recognized the quilt right off and was so tickled. The "Duke" at the bottom of the left hand page was made by Diana Bracy. She is a member of the Quilt With Us group Art Quilts. I met her threw this group and have been an admirer of her work ever since. Take some time to check out her site, it's amazing.

The fabric paint is dry now so I can start the free motion on the tomato piece, so I really need to get going on that. I'm hoping it can be completed in several days.

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Barbara said...

Thanks for the book recommendation, will definitely check it out!