Sunday, July 4

Fun Day With Sister

This is the pie I made with the fresh peaches we got when I was on my recent trip with Stefanie up in Golconda Indiana. I tried to get a photo before hubby got into the pie but just wasn't fast enough. We had ice cream of course and it was very good. I didn't add any sugar to the peaches and it was just sweet enough.

Yesterday I spent the day with my sister. We went to a great pizza place in her area and it was super yummy. They had a buffet and we ate way too much but it was great. Will have to go back there some time soon. Then we went shopping! She took me to World Market which I'd never been too and just loved it. Then we went to Yankee Candle, she had a coupon and they had a great sale going on. She bought me this candle holder for just $7. I just love it.

Then we went back to her house so I could show her a few things on the sewing machine I was giving her. It was my old (2 years) Singer. She was thrilled to have extra feet and tried out the rolled hem while we were playing with it. We were sitting at the kitchen table and out her back window her husband has a wonderland for birds. He just loves them and has many feeders.

We caught this squirrel in action stealing the birds food. Clever little thing.

It was a wonderful day and we had such fun.

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