Friday, July 2

First & Last Denim Quilt

Today I spent the day sewing or rather cutting at Stefanie's house. I took over some more fabric for my next quilt which will be the drunkards path. I'd already cut out the floral prints but when I looked at them they just needed a solid so today I cut out a burgundy solid to go with these. I am hoping to get started on it by Tuesday. I also had a wonderful surprise today and the insert for my sewing cabinet that will fit my new Pfaff came in. So now the new Pfaff is in the cabinet all snug in it's new plastic insert. It was only ordered on Tuesday so Horn really got it to the sewing machine shop quickly.

I also started working on several small wall hangings that will be for Christmas decorations. These are from the book I Believe from - Art to Heart. I just love her patterns. I have several of her books. So I sat and cut out tiny little red birds and other parts of the hangings.

Yesterday I finished the denim quilt I'd been working on. It was a choir to quilt. I was told that most folks normally just stitch in the ditch and use no batting and put flannel on the back. I was just determined to free motion this and found out why it's not normally done this way. I did the top from old blue jeans and for the most part didn't cut the "blocks" down very small except for the one surrounding row of 5" blocks. The rest was just squaring up the cut up leg parts.

We weren't sure if Auggie was scared of the flying skull or just over come with joy.

The Back

I painted one of the motifs of the flying skull on the front with shiva paint sticks.

I started out using a regular quilting needle which bent then broke so I changed that out for a denim needle and it did much better. I still had to change the needle out prior to finishing the quilt so I used 3 needles! The seams in the top were so bulky that it caused me to have problems when I was quilting. It just didn't want to slide over the machine cabinet top. I did some of the quilting close like I normally do (in the black areas) and some was about 3" apart. What I had thought I'd do was quilt from the back and outline the flying skulls. This was harder than I'd thought due to the weight/thickness of the quilt. It's really heavy.

A quick signature at the bottom of the front.

So now I've made a denim quilt and I'm not too sure I'll try it again. This is for a Christmas present for a good quilting buddy's husband. Good thing he won't be looking at the stitches too close. Well need to go my peach pie is in the oven and smelling pretty good.


Barbara said...

I like the denim quilt, think the quilting is unique, and I think it's perfect for a guy. He will appreciate it very much!

Gene Black said...

I know you are happy to be finished with that! I think Auggie was trying to express the joy he could feel from you about being finished with it!