Saturday, June 5

Won't be long now

Well I'm nearing the end of the drawings for the newest Seymour Adventures. It's working title is Seymour and Friends. It's a children's bird watching book and I've been drawing away and learning a little something about birds too. This will be the 3rd book in the Seymour series. I will be adding the first 2 books to my Etsy shop very shortly. They are also available at Art & Invention in East Nashville.

I truly love doing children's illustrations and drawings.

Today I have my first class teaching drawing to kids. It will be different and I've spent some time getting simple lessons together on shadows, and foreground/background and other simple art basics. This should be fun.

Tomorrow I am planning on sewing all day. I have 2 quilt tops near completion. I like to do my quilting in groups and I'll have 3 ready to quilt then. No need rolling the sewing cabinet out into the middle of the living room for one quilt, so I save them up. I also enjoy the quilting part so much I really get lost in it when I do several at a time.

Had a really good class last night at JoAnn for beginning jewelry making. I think 4 more people just got hooked. It was one of those classes where we all just clicked, and it was a lot of fun.

Well I think I have enough time to do a little drawing before going to class.


BJ said...

I know the book is going to be WONDERFUL. I'll be checking your Etsy shop for the first two must haves.
Glad you class went so well, but I knew it would.
Happy quilting!

Barb said...

You have quite the talent...if I could draw like that...the quilts I could make....