Wednesday, June 23


There are 2 things on the subject of babies I wanted to talk about. First a buddy of mine and his lovely wife have adopted such a wonderful sweet little boy from Ethiopia, Silas. Silas has been with his family for a year on 6/16. One thing sweet Silas would like to have thou is a sister.

This is from Silas's daddy's blog.

We thought that selling the Ugandan Magazine Necklaces from 147 Million Orphans was another great way to raise money ... and it's a win-win. We are helping a feeding program in Uganda and we are helping bring our daughter home from Ethiopia.

These are really pretty close up. The bead sizes range from tiny to good size and are all hand made (in Ethiopia) from rolled up magazine pages. Each bead is sealed and the quality is excellent. They are very pretty, modern and green, but the big bonus is the help you will give so many. Click on over to check out Journey 2 Silas' Sister. You can purchase your necklace there. It's a wonderful cause.

Now on to another baby, not as sweet, but still a joy to me.
Ta Da! My new Pfaff.

OK I know I said I would look for a used one...I did try, honest. One little problem I have is patience. I have tons of it for some things and zero for others. Shopping is one of the zero places. With no used newer models of Pfaffs to be found I started looking at the prices of the new ones and found that for this base line Pfaff it wasn't much difference than a used one like my current machine. My 2nd Pfaff will do most of the same things except for a few things I never used anyway. The big bonus is a 10" opening which my old one is only 7". That's a lot more room to push my quilts threw. There shouldn't be much of a learning curve either. The bobbins only fit in one way, so no more flipping them back and forth. I've called the shop and put in the order for the insert for my Horn cabinet so my new Pfaff can sit pretty here shortly. I'm so very happy with this. Now I have a good machine to take on play days with my quilting buddies. No more of that stupid cheep singer that would eat my inchies and jerk the fabric into the needle. Don't get me wrong, singer is a good brand, but I had a very cheep one. I am going to keep my little White thou. As much for sentiment as anything else. I still use it for foundation piecing cause I don't want paper bits in my good machine. It's also good for my paper crafts and sewing on things not really fit to be sewed on. It was after all my first machine.

Well I'm on cloud 9 and really must be off to play now.


Gene Black said...

OIC this is a NEW new machine! I was thinking you found a used one.

Barb said...

I will check out that site and I love love love your new Pfaff....

Angel said...

pretty! Have lots of fun with it!