Thursday, June 3

And Sew On

I was a bit under the weather with back issues for a bit and didn't get any sewing done, but feeling much better now and started working on my in-law quilt again. This quilt has been a challenge. My original design (in my head) was beautiful. Then when I started laying the blocks out what I saw was very boring. So out I go to get more fabric (grin). As soon as I found out Basic Grey was making fabric I was thrilled (thanks Stef), it's sold by Moda. So I got some of the beautiful brown for this quilt. Only Tuesday did I determine to set the center section on point. This was suggested by my new sewing buddie Edna. She has tons of experience and can answer any question I have. From that point things seem to be falling in place, knock on wood. I did find the perfect fabric for the back of this quilt and then it ended up on the front? Plans? Who me? I'm taking this with me today to work on at Stefanie's house.

Went out shopping with Paula and Stefanie on Saturday and we hit several fabric shops. I found several things I just couldn't leave without. These 2 new orientals were a must have and below are some pretty civil war fabrics which are light in tone, something I didn't have as much off.

This ATC started off as a little scrap I was trying to see how small I could meander on and then tossed it aside. Later it got a bit of orange paint and some hammered wire. I really love making these little things. I've not made an inchie lately and need to make a few of them soon. They really challenge the design part of your brain, hum, 1 sq. inch.

Well need to pack up my sewing and be off to Stefanie's. We always have such a good time.

I don't often do this but if you will allow me a soapbox moment.
Maytag (Whirlpool) service is horrid. The adds about the lonely repair man are fiction. The once great quality of the product is gone. Now I'm on the 4th service call in just under 1 year. SOOOO glad I got the warranty. Heard today about the huge recall. Horror stories on line from other consumers trying to get dishwashers fixed - Maytag is falling down hard on this one. I'll never buy another one of their products, and I'd bet I'm not the only one. Thanks for letting me rant.


Barb said...

Sorry about frustrating.

Love the quilt you are making for your inlaws...and love the fabrics!!

Have fun with Stephanie.

maggi said...

Glad your back has improved. The quilt is gorgeous.

Angel said...

Those civil war fabrics totally remind me of Scarlett in the burning of Atlanta scene!