Sunday, May 2

Rain, Rain, and more Rain

I'm so very tired of all this rain. We've not had this amount of rain in over 20+ years. We've been trying to go to my sister's for 2 weeks for a cook out and last weekend and this one there were severe storms and tornadoes and now we have flooding. Our back yard is a lake and their are many roads closed and so many people flooded out of there homes. The major interstates are closed and chocked full of flooded cars. There have been 5 deaths in the state as of yesterday. Major areas of our community - malls ect are either just closed or flooded out. Here is a clip from one of our major interstates that was yesterday. It continued to rain all night and is still raining heavy today.

We've not left the house in 2 days - the dogs don't even want to go out.


Gene Black said...

Oh Royce, I am so glad you are okay. Those floods are scary. I have been thinking about all my friends in TN during this time.
Be safe!

Barb said...

Oh wow....I have not kept up with the TV....will have to go and check it out online.