Monday, May 10

Packing For Paducah

Well I've started packing for our trip to Paducah. Stefanie and I are heading out on Wednesday morning. The whole week is looking pretty wet. We plan on of course going to the National Quilt Museum. The exhibit there now is Imagine Hope. I just love going to the museum. It's like a shot in the arm for getting the creative juices flowing. We are also going to the mother ship of fabric shops, Hancock's! Man I love that place. If you have never been it's the size of a Walmart and just a quilter's dream. Stefanie grew up in that area and has known about it her whole life, but I didn't discover it till a few years ago while I was up at the AQS show in April. I know my little bit of money I've saved for this trip will zoom out of my pocket while in their. I've made a list of fabric I need, mostly backs for several quilts I have either ready to cut out or have started.

We are also packing our sewing stuff too and we'll sew each night and we've set one day aside to sew all day. It will be 4 days of quilting, quilting, quilting. I've never gone off for more than a one day sew away from home and trying to think of what to take with me is warping my little brain. I know I'll take way to much, but hey - you just might need that ruler or fabric bit. Lucky for us Stef has a big vehicle. If we can get all our scrap-booking stuff in her car this should work. Keep your fingers crossed.

So I won't be around for a few days, but I should be back with tons of photos and good stuff from our trip


BJ said...

Oh how I would love to be a stowaway on your trip! I know you and Stephanie are going to have such a fun time. Pack comfy shoes, wear comfy clothes, take plenty of chocolate. Can't wait to see your purchases and pictures of all the wonderful inspiration. And somewhere in there try to get a little sleep too. said...

I wish we were leaving tomorrow. I am so looking forward to this trip. I've got several quick and simple quilts tops planned and hope I can get several of them pieced while we are away.

I need to check my stash of flannel pants and make sure I pack enough to wear when we hunker down at the lodge to sew.

Gene Black said...

Sounds like a fun time! Do all quilters need chocolate? At the guild meeting we were given M&Ms.....they are in a tube....and the lady said you can use the tube to hold bobbins after you eat the candy.

I think it was just an excuse to eat chocolate!