Friday, April 30

A Wonderful Week

I love tools. Having the right ones makes crafting better and easier too. I'd been trying to make some small fabric leaves for a good while. The ones I'd made were sewn together right sides facing and then turned. After I'd turned them they looked like my dog had been chewing with them. I continued to try and they didn't get any better. So finally I asked another sewing friend and she smiled and quickly showed me how to make small turned items in just a few moments. I found out I was doing 2 things wrong - first my stitches were too big when I sewed around the shape and second was how I was turning the fabric. It seemed I needed to use a round end bodkin. Just the word makes me smile. I had to admit at first it seemed like something Data would tell Captain Picard he saw on his scanners, but after seeing it in use I found a wonderful new tool. I had the wire wrapped piece below as the framework (with no beads) and just traced the shape on the fabric, then sewed the outline on the wrong side with 01 stitches. The back of this shape was made of 2 sections of fabric and on that seam I ripped a few stitches loose and opened up the back and turned with a small section of a drinking straw and the bodkin. Wow, it worked perfect. Now I can make that table runner with the fall leaves on it I saw last year. I'm so happy. Another good tool I got this week were my new pliers with 2 different size round tips on them. I found these on line at Wired Up Beads. They are wonderful, and make all the difference in the world in trying to make S hooks and other curves. I'm sure I've only tapped the surface of what I can do with them.

I will be teaching a class at JoAnns soon making poly clay tiles and made my class samples today. I loved the way they turned out. I even made a few smaller items to use with my jewelry.

I just had a birthday and have had a wonderful week. Several days after my birthday Jeanette (the educational director at JoAnns) had a little party for me at the store. She made me a beautiful carrot cake which was very yummy. I love carrot cake and she made it from scratch.
I didn't even mind the reminder of my age. She referred to it as the double nickel.

It only lasted a few days

On Thursday I went over to Stefanie's for our sewing day and got this beautiful table runner as a present from her. I love it. The Civil War fabrics are one of my favorites and this fit perfectly on our hutch in the dinning room.

While I was at Stefanie's I started a new quilt. These are the blocks. I'm not sure how big the quilt will end up but I have I think 30 of the 5" blocks and a whole jelly roll of the strips. I'm going to use them all. I love this fabric. It's Evening Mist by Moda. I looked for more but haven't found it yet. I now have 4 quilts working, more than I'd ever had before. I seem to remember telling myself I'd not do this again, but what can I say. I will stop after this one and start quilting.


Gene Black said...

Sorry to be late, but Happy Birthday Royce!!!!

maggi said...

A belated happy birthday. Glad you found some neat tools. I just love the colours in that new quilt you are working on.

Cottonwood Quilter said...

Sorry we missed your Birthday, hope you had a great one!!!