Monday, February 22

Tools of the Trade & A Talented Friend

Someone in our Art Quilt group on Quilt With Us mentioned Annemieke Mein so I googled her and sat in front of my computer, mouth hanging open in awe. If you have not see her work, please go check it out. I just can't describe it and won't even try. I've never seen anything like it. I ordered her book that day! When it got here I looked at it over and over. I've just started reading it thou yesterday. So I was inspired to once again try to pain on fabric. It's turned into a mess in the past and I was determined to keep going till I got it right. This was my study from yesterday. I wanted these leaves to be a background for a wall hanging and was determined to use this fabric. It's very loose woven. The leaf on the top has watered down paint, no good. Then the more I did I started to figure out the thickness of paint I needed to keep it from bleeding all over the fabric and getting outside my drawing lines. By the last leaf I was pretty close to what I wanted. So I'm going to keep up this study and try to get control over the spreading paint. Oh and I discovered a nice new blog while looking for Ms Mein's work, Running With Scissors.

Today we had errands to run and one of them was to pick up the new top to my ironing board. We use a large section of UHMW. My husband knew what it was, it was new to me. I figured we would use MDF but after he looked it up on line and found out it had formaldehyde in it, I said no pretty quick. That's all I need. So now this plastic is bolted to the old ironing board and ready to be covered with batting, then fabric. I'm going to make the cover and attach it with velcro for when it needs cleaning or I just get tired of it. I covered my little ironing board with cotton in a nice leaf print. I keep that one on my cutting table. You can see I no longer have the annoying point on the end of the board. When ironing large sections of fabric this made me nuts. Poof, gone. I'd seen this ironing board in a catalog, but the price was an eye roller and there was just no way. I'll cover it the next day I'm not working.

Now on to some fun stuff. I'd like to share the work of a very talented quilted I met on the Quilt With Us Site. Here name is Diana Bracy and her mosaics are just to die for. I just don't know how she does it. As complex as these works are she also makes wonderful little treasures as tiny as ATC's and postcards which are in her gallery on her site. Diana's work is inspiring so flip over and check it out. Diana has quilting in her history with her grandmother making quilts and her mother was also a talented seamstress who made anything she chose.

Diana at the 2008 Boulder City Arts Festival

Her Ghandi quilt block (one of her most recent works) was made of 1/4 inch strips. This is a 18 x 20 block which will go into a quilt on Racism being put together by Maria Shell of Alaska. Just beautiful.

Another beautiful mosaic of the lovely Marilyn Monroe.
Would you believe that she has only been quilting for 15 years?
I'm so very glad that a friend of Diana's talked her into going
to a quilt guild meeting all those years ago. Diana is hungry in her quest for
new techniques in her fiber art and it shows.
I love your work Diana and it always inspires me.


BJ said...

Your painted leaves are looking good. What kind of paint are you using? Your sampler piece needs to go into your journal!
Would it be good to put the heat reflective fabric (for ironing board covers and/or potholders) on top of the board, before you put on the batting -- or are you using it on the cover? Just something that came to mind.
Really enjoyed the pictures and stuff you shared about Diana. She is amazing.

オテモヤン said...
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健康保寶 said...
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Diana said...

Royce, I am so excited that you wrote such a wonderful article about my art and me! I stumbled on it and could believe that I saw me! Thank you so very much for the great article and showcasing my art.

You are an inspiration for me. You are fairly new to quilting and have amazed me with your natural talents in all sorts of techniques. When you see something new, you are excited about it and produce a beautiful piece of "Royce's Rendition" of whatever it may be. I admire your enthusiasm and always look forward to seeing what you will make next!

Thanks BJ. You should see some of her artwork and new GD's (Bailey) quilt and bag. Too cute for words.
Thanks again, my friend.

Diana Bracy

paula said...

can't wait to see the ironing board when done

Diana said...

Royce, I love your friend's displayed threads. I may have to try that with some of larger spools of thread. I also like the body form that you painted. You are multi-talented. I am sure that your friends are so happy to have you!

I also see what looks like your little aceo on her shelf.

The fabric is perfect for your ironing board. Thanks for sharing.

Diana Bracy

Kristine said...

I'd love to know where you bought the UHMW (I've heard of MDF, but not that!) and how much it cost. I would love to make my ironing surface larger, too, but I totally agree with the pricing on the one you can buy already made!