Monday, February 15

Snowy Days & Time For Sewing

Had plans today, but with a little snow on the ground I figured I'd just stay indoors. This morning I was on the Quilt With Us Site and I'm in the Love of Art Quilts group and was very impressed with one of the members, thread painting and thought I'd give it a try. I've not really done much of this type of stitching. So I found a simple drawing in one of my books and traced it on white cloth and started stitching away. I was having such a good time I didn't stop till it was finished. I haven't done any free motion practice in a good while and needed the practice anyway. So this little dragon was a good practice and good fun.

Now back to the world of graphic design and getting a freelance job finished. Not as much fun as sewing, but has to be done. After that then I need to work on some class samples for my advanced jewelry class at JoAnn. I really enjoy teaching there. We had open house this past Saturday where the customers can meet the teachers and see what new projects will be taught. That is always a fun day too.


maggi said...

The dragon is wonderful.

Barbara said...

A "simple drawing" -- NOT! It's wonderful!!!