Monday, February 1

Snowy Days & Time For Sewing

4 days ago it snowed all afternoon and we ended up with 4" in our part of Nashville. That's not much by some folks standards but around here it might as well have been a foot. Southern'rs don't do snow well. Hubby got out Saturday afternoon and shoveled off the drive so he could go to work. That is the street the other side of the fence in the photo below. Our side street didn't get cleared/salted so it sticks around a little longer. It's finally turned to slush today and should be gone off the roads by tomorrow if the sun stays out. It might even get up to 40 tomorrow! That is one great thing about Nashville weather, if you don't like it just wait and it will change. The dogs however loved the snow and want to go out and play in it more often than I would have thought. It was frozen so hard in the photo below that she didn't even sink into it. This was the day after it snowed and got down to 7 that night.

Well the yearly scrap booking weekend is upon me once again and since last year I've gotten more into digital scrap booking and decided to create some of my pages in Photoshop. Last year I had some digital elements in my layouts but mostly still working traditionally. I have one book of all my hobbies and this is one of the two pages on jewelry and clay. That's me and my sweet mom.

Well as you know the Sashiko is here and after unpacking and reading (glanced over) the manual I was ready to see what she could do. I just grabbed several sections of cloth and the thin bamboo batting I love and did some playing. This is free form stitching to see how easy it is to make curves. I adjusted the stitch length and space between the stitches as I was going along to experiment with that too. I'm not sure if the wavy look is due to me possibly holding the fabric slightly stretched or if I had something set wrong. I didn't adjust the tension as it came from the factory so I'll look into that. I have to admit I became mesmerized by the little dance the needle thread and wiper do. The needle has a slit in it rather than the traditional hole. Another thing is the needle only has the thread captured about every other stitch! Yes it's amazing and I could hardly steer the fabric from watching the mini dance it was doing.

I'm getting ready to sit down and play a little more and see what we come up with today. Good thing to do while the snow melts.

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