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Packed For the Weekend

Well tomorrow is the long awaited start for the scrap booking weekend. I just don't seem to have time to do this except for this one weekend. Seems like when I'm home I just sew and do a little poly clay, but don't get around to paper crafts. I'm ready thou and excited about going. My friend Stefanie of Stationery with Style, is hosting this and it's just great fun. There are about 40 ladies with nothing on their minds but scrap booking. I also plan on making cards one day. Last year I did this and the blank interior cards lasted almost a year. They come in so handy. Well this is the "little bit" of stuff I'm taking with me... My sister said if she forgot anything she felt I've have it. Almost forgot one of my most important items. The pillow I made last year to make my folding chair comfy. That chair is very hard on you without a pillow after about 8 hours of sitting. You'd think with my "padding" it wouldn't be - :0

I'm taking 4 albums to work on. One of them is my fiber book which I have photos of all the things I've made. This is the first page in that book. My journaling is about my inspirations and where the finished item ended up.

This is my jewelry page. That is my sweet mom and I with our matching necklaces on. She was never that huge of a fan of jewelry till I started making it and then she had to have all kinds of stuff.
Well off to pack the smallest of the bags, my clothes.


Gene Black said…
Ha ha... I always liked going to painting classes with Nana because if I had forgotten something SHE would have it with her or send out for one for both of us if that was possible.

Have fun!

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