Friday, January 29

Wonderful Evening

Last night I taught a class at my local Joann on poly clay buttons. I only had one person in the class and we had so much fun. It turned out my "student" knew as much about clay as I did. So we ended up sharing techniques with each other and just played with clay. The class is normally for folks who have never used clay before and 1/2 the class is beginner how to's. But we cut right to the chase and got into making some really pretty buttons, beads and jewelry components.

Here in the south we just panic when we hear the word SNOW. So yesterday the weather folks started the fear with talk of a big storm and I'm sure the local stores were packed with everyone picking up the all important shut in foods (bread & milk are the standards). I was expecting the ground to be covered in white when I got up, but alas there was none. But now 3 hours later it's snowing away. I got a call from the art director saying "no don't come in I'll e-mail you your work" and I of course said great. I really don't like driving in the snow and have a strong memory of getting trapped at work several years ago and didn't want a repeat of that.

I have clay to cure from last night and of course play time on the Sashiko is in the plans for today. Maybe a big pot of chili too. So just like when I was in high school snow days are a wonderful thing.


Barb said...

I wish I had been in your class...sounds like alot of fun and something I would be interested in.

Gene Black said...

LOL.... That sounds like a class I would take, but could probably teach. I have yet to make buttons from the clay, but i make lots of other things.