Friday, January 8

Think Chocolate

This is perfect sewing weather, just too cold to do anything that evolves going out of the house. I did venture out yesterday thou just as it was starting to snow and see the babies reaction to the weather. Our little female charged off into the yard and our male just looked for a few min. and it made me wonder what was going threw that little mind. My husband said not much.

I made my pattern for one of my swaps this morning. This one is for a wonderful on line group, Love Of Art Quilts on the Quilt With Us site. The theme is chocolate. Something that is dear to my heart. When possible I use photos to work up designs and this one was easy to do with my morning coffee and a paper cake.

Now with all the perspective clear I can use this to do a quick sketch.

Then I got into the fun part of cutting the fabrics and now have them in place and ready to start some sewing. Did a little painting on the coffee cup and fork. They needed some added depth. More will be added after I do some of the quilting.

But for today this is what I got done. I have beads selected and just need to select my thread. I just had to get my signature cup of coffee into this block. Oh it's 12" x 12". Getting time to come up with an answer for the age old question - What's for dinner?

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